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UNHCR applauds historic U.S. goal on refugee resettlement

This statement is attributable to Matthew Reynolds, UNHCR representative for the United States and the Caribbean.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, applauds the strong and principled decision by President Joe Biden to admit up to 125,000 refugees for resettlement in the United States in the coming fiscal year. This action represents the most robust U.S. commitment in three decades to helping vulnerable refugees rebuild their lives in safety in the United States. As the world seeks practical answers to pressing humanitarian questions, this U.S. commitment to refugee resettlement sends a concrete message that human compassion can and must remain central to policy action.

This U.S. decision will save lives. UNHCR hopes it also encourages all countries to share in the collective, human responsibility for protecting the most vulnerable among us. We continue to stand ready to support the United States and all countries to help ensure safety for those who need it most.

Originally reported by UNHCR. 

Oct 12 2021

Giving Tuesday Match EXTENDED: Your loving gift sends TWICE the winter survival kits and cash assistance to safeguard displaced families from bitter winter winds. Ends 12/3. GIVE NOW >>

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