UNHCR helps refugees get the health care they need

Nakivale Health Center in Uganda

Every day thousands of people are forced to flee at a moment’s notice. Many are already struggling to survive in war-torn countries and are unprepared for the journey ahead.  They often arrive at refugee camps and reception centers malnourished and in poor health. That is where the UN Refugee Agency and its partners come in!

UNHCR strives to ensure that all refugees have access to quality health care. In addition to providing primary healthcare services, the UN Refugee Agency offers pediatric healthcare, preventative care, maternal and obstetric services and mental health and counseling resources.

A child receive vaccination upon arrival at Imvepi reception center in Northern Uganda

Field staff are working to stop the spread of disease in refugee communities by providing displaced people with vaccinations, bed nets and hygiene and sanitation kits.

As of September 2017, timely interventions and regular monitoring allowed UNHCR and partners to provide lifesaving assistance to approximately 7.3 million people in camps and other displacement settings.

Pregnant South Sudanese refugee Surah (30) see ultrasound during a Refuge Egypt medical clinic prenatal checkup

This World Health Day, join USA for UNHCR in providing health services to displaced people around the world by becoming a monthly donor. Your donation could mean the difference between life and death for a refugee in need.

Apr 7 2018
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