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Celebrating what’s possible at Supporter Appreciation Day 2021

On November 18, 2021, USA for UNHCR hosted Supporter Appreciation Day 2021 to celebrate what’s possible when donors and supporters come together to uplift and empower refugees. The event was kicked off by Kat Graham — actor and Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency — who shared an uplifting message of gratitude and hope. Supporters were also introduced to two young resettled refugees who are now pursuing their dreams in the United States: Laura Londono and Night Jean Muhingabo.

Laura is a resettled refugee from Colombia who was forced to flee her home when gangs threatened her family with violence. After spending most of her teenage years in Ecuador as a refugee, her family was approved for resettlement to the United States. She struggled during her transition to the U.S., but found her footing and began pursuing her dreams thanks to the support of her teachers. Now, she is working toward a degree in physics with a minor in mathematics at Rhode Island College and aspires to work for NASA and become an astronaut. 

Night Jean was featured in the 2021 Refugee Youth Storyteller’s Celebration and is a resettled refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). He was born in a refugee camp in the DRC after his family fled Rwanda, and he lived there through his adolescence. In 2015, his family was resettled in Providence, RI where he became a youth advocate, poet and program coordinator at the Refugee Dream Center. 

How you can help…

Around the world, millions of young people like Laura and Night Jean have had their lives upended by war, violence and persecution. However, the compassionate support of donors like you helps them access the opportunities and education they need to begin rebuilding their lives. By becoming a monthly donor, you can empower refugees with hope and opportunity. 

Nov 19 2021
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