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June 16, 2023

Meet three superhero fathers who have fought for their children's safety

Father's Day is a time to celebrate the unwavering dedication and love of fathers around the world, including those who have experienced the challenges of being displaced. Despite making the difficult decision to flee their homes, these courageous men have not only been the backbone and strength of their families but are working hard for their children to have brighter futures — perfectly embodying the essence of grit, sacrifice and resilience.

On this Father's Day, meet three superhero dads who have shown incredible strength and courage in protecting their families. Despite facing unimaginable circumstances, these fathers have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of their children.

Hussein Al Nuwab

For Haya and Ghena, their father, Hussein Al Nuab, has always been the center of their safety.

“We’re really close with our dad,” the twins share. “When we look at our father, we see a kind, caring man; the center of our safety,” the Al Naub sisters explain.

Born as refugees in Jordan, the twins’ father made the difficult decision to flee their home in Iraq, after receiving threats of kidnapping and persecution. When the twins were just three years old, the family resettled in the U.S. and was given a chance to rebuild a peaceful life.

“Ghena and Haya were shocked at what we have been through, especially the fact that we had to flee Iraq, leave the country, and leave everything behind, my house, my job — everything,” Hussein reflects. “I always put my daughters first and I always think about them before I think about myself,” he continues.

Today — and thanks to their father's strength and perseverance — the twins are safe and thriving in their resettled community of West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Although they have few memories of their time as refugees, they’ve learned through stories about their father’s strength, perseverance and courage in helping their family reach safety. 

“Our father sheltered us from the pain that he had to endure in order to protect us,” explains Haya. “Now as we continue to discover our family’s past through his stories, we realize how lucky we are to have more opportunities and more freedom.”

Germain Dosseh

When Germain was just a teenager, a civil war ensued in his home country of Togo, forcing thousands of people, like Germian and his family, to flee their homes. Sadly, as the war raged on, Germain was impacted in an even more profound way — losing his father. 

"My dad didn't make it through the war,” Germain recalls. “One day, they just came and took him and we never saw him again… we had to leave… people were getting shot in front of us. You can’t wait until it’s your turn. So whatever opportunity you have, you take it and leave,” he continues.

Germain and the rest of his family were able to flee and found refuge in Ghana, where he spent 14 years of his life in a refugee camp. Although he faced years of challenges, he was selected for resettlement and given a chance at a brighter future.

In Togo, Germain longed for a better education, and through determination and hard work, he was able to achieve his dreams.

Today, Germain is a father of three children and works to keep his community and family safe as a police officer. His extraordinary perseverance and strength are not only inspiring but will leave a lasting mark on the lives of his children.


Alaa Alkaridi

"Safety is the most important thing for us and our daughters," says Alaa Alkaridi. 

Alaa and his wife Lujein were forced to make the heartbreaking decision of fleeing their home when the conflict in Syria began.

After finding refuge in Egypt, the couple was soon selected for resettlement in the United States, where they now reside in Vancouver, Washington.

From the moment they arrived in the U.S., the couple hit the ground running and, within two months, both secured jobs and began to build new lives for themselves and their growing family. 

Alaa and Lujein are grateful for the numerous blessings that resettling in the U.S. has provided for their family. They especially appreciate the security it has given their daughters during their childhood and the chance for them to pursue their dreams.

"We dream for them to achieve their dreams and their goals. I wish that they will be able to achieve whatever they want." 

How you can help...

This Father's Day, you can make a difference by donating monthly to USA for UNHCR and supporting refugee fathers in protecting their families. USA for UNHCR is dedicated to providing care and empowering refugees worldwide, enabling them to be protected and have hope for a brighter future.