Photo Gallery: Displaced inside Syria

The violence inside Syria continues to drive people from their homes, with some Syrians seeking safety within their country and others making the risky crossing into neighboring countries. The United Nations estimates that up to 4 million people are in need of help, including some 2.5 million believed to be internally displaced. 

The UN refugee agency has 350 staff working inside Syria. Despite the insecurity, they continue to distribute vital assistance in the cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Al Hassakeh and Homs. Thanks to their work and dedication, more than 500,000 people have received non-food items such as blankets, kitchen sets and mattresses. These items are essential for people who flee their homes, often with no more than the clothes on their backs.

Unfortunately, recent deliveries have been very difficult. In November, humanitarian operations were disrupted on at least two days in Damascus because of insecurity. Similar difficulties were experienced by staff working in Aleppo, and UNHCR was forced to withdraw staff from northeastern Hassakeh governorate to ensure staff safety.

Nevertheless, progress has been made. In November, UNHCR delivered nearly 5,000 mattresses and 500 hygiene kits to Aleppo, Hassakeh and Adra. The agency also continues to provide education materials and cash assistance for families.

In Hassakeh, 10,500 displaced children received individual school kits. And cash assistance of $150 per family was provided to nearly 12,100 displaced families in Al Nabek (rural Damascus) and in Hassakeh governorate so that vulnerable Syrian families so that they may stock up on items such as heating fuel, cooking oil and supplies for the winter.

If you'd like to support UNHCR's aid to displaced Syrians, learn 9 ways that anyone can take action. Photos are from August to November 2012. © UNHCR / B. Diab

Displaced inside Syria 01
Women hang up laundry at the Talae'e site in Al Hassakeh. The facility hosts some 800 people who came from Deir Ezzor several months ago.

Displaced INside Syria 02 A father and son in the safety of the Talae'e camp after fleeing their home.

displaced inside syria 03
Some of those living in the Talae’e site try to earn a bit of extra cash by selling small items such as soap, candy, tissues, toothpaste and the like.

Displaced inside syria 04
This Syrian girl was forcibly displaced from her home but still needs to attend school. She is carrying a school kit provided by UNHCR. 

displaced inside syria 05
Many of the displaced inside Syria are children, like this boy in the Talae'e camp in Al Hassakeh, northern Syria.

displaced inside syria 06
A mother and her two young children receive financial assistance at the UNHCR distribution center in Al Nabek, a town in southwest Syria.

displaced inside syria 07
A Syrian mother and son wait at the UNHCR distribution center in Al Nabek to receive non-food items.

displaced inside syria 08
A UNHCR staff member helps a Syrian family to collect financial assistance. The UN Refugee Agency has some 350 staff inside Syria providing vital aid.

Displaced inside Syria 09
Syrians line up for financial assistance at a distribution center in Al Hassekeh run by UNHCR.

Displaced inside Syria 10
UNHCR staff in Al Hassakeh check identity documents of Syrians seeking assistance.

displaced inside syria 11
A Syrian child waits with his family at the financial assistance distribution centre in Al Hassakeh.

displaced inside syria 12
Some of the contents of a typical UNHCR aid pack distributed to displaced people within Syria, including blankets; jerry cans; diapers; hygiene kits which contain shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, towels, a hairbrush, nail clippers, a laundry line, laundry detergent, garbage bags, a bucket, and disinfectant; and a kitchen set which includes pots, pans, plates, cups and utensils. The refugee agency also hands out mattresses. 


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Jan 29 2013
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