Ukraine Refugee Crisis

Years of conflict have forced more than 2 million Ukrainians to flee their homes. Towns and villages are destroyed – many live with shelling and bullets every day.

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More than three years of conflict has left more than 2 million Ukrainians displaced from their homes. One million Ukrainians have sought asylum in neighboring countries. Many fled with barely anything  in search of safety.

The conflict has impacted some of the most vulnerable populations in Ukraine – including single parents, the elderly and people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Despite a ceasefire in place since 2014, Ukrainian civilians continue to pay a very high price. Those living in towns closest to the front lines of the conflict still live with shelling and gunfire almost every day and night. Still others in small towns and villages face dire conditions – living in war-damaged buildings that lack heat and electricity. 


Helena Christensen meets a Ukrainian superhero (1:40)

Your help is needed…


Thanks to supporters, UNHCR provided winter assistance to 60,000 people in Ukraine in 2017 – but the need is even greater this year. 

USA for UNHCR is  supporting a campaign organized by a U.S.-based volunteer helping to find a permanent home for a select displaced elderly community in Ukraine. You can donate to this cause through their dedicated Go Fund Me page. USA for UNHCR will be making the grant to help this community through the campaign.

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