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Imagine...a home without a family; compassion without action; humanity without giving.

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1.5 million 


1.5 million Ukranians were forced to flee their homes and are currently displaced within the country. 

3 years of conflict

Over three years of conflict displaced more than 2 million Ukranians from their homes. 


refugees and


Over 100,000 people were forced from Ukraine to seek asylum in other countries. 


More than three years of conflict has left more than 2 million Ukrainians displaced from their homes. One million Ukrainians have sought asylum in neighboring countries. Many fled with barely anything in search of safety.

The conflict has impacted some of the most vulnerable populations in Ukraine – including single parents, the elderly and people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. 

Despite a ceasefire in place since 2014, Ukrainian civilians continue to pay a very high price. Those living in towns closest to the front lines of the conflict still live with shelling and gunfire almost every day and night. Still others in small towns and villages face dire conditions – living in war-damaged buildings that lack heat and electricity.

Voices of the Crisis


Helena Christensen meets a Ukrainian superhero (1:40)

Stories from the Ukraine crisis

Displaced people in Ukraine face harsh winter conditions

“I know what it is like. I tell them: Please don’t give up”

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Ukraine Camps and Settlements

Three young Ukranian sisters sit in their home.

Three young Ukranian sisters sit in their home that was badly damaged during the conflict.

  • There are currently 3.5 million people in need of humanitarian aid in Ukraine as a result of the conflict.
  • 30 percent of Ukrainians in need are elderly — the highest proportion in the world. 
  • Those in conflict-affected areas are at a high risk of contracting HIV and tuberculosis. 
  • Explosive remnants of war and landmines endanger millions of Ukranians. For three consecutive years, Ukraine had more anti-vehicle mine incidents than any other country in the world. 


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