South Sudan Refugee Crisis

Spiraling violence, conflict and a severe food shortage have endangered millions of lives.

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Amid increasing violence and deteriorating conditions, the situation in South Sudan has escalated to a full-blown humanitarian emergency. The total number of South Sudanese refugees has now passed 2 million, it is the largest refugee crisis in Africa, and the third largest in the world, after Syria and Afghanistan. Sadly, 65 percent of South Sudanese refugees are under the age of 18.

A majority of South Sudanese refugees are finding refuge in neighboring Uganda. Currently, Uganda is hosting more than 1 million refugees - 82 percent are women and children.

Another 275,000 refugees have fled to South Sudan, escaping violence and persecution in neighboring countries. More than two million additional people have been forced to flee their homes but still remain inside the country. 


South Sudan Crisis: Nearly 4 Million People Have Fled (4:44)

The majority of those fleeing South Sudan are women and children. They are survivors of violent attacks, sexual assault and in many cases, children are traveling alone.

Often, they arrive weak and malnourished. When the rainy season comes, their needs are compounded by flooding, food shortages and disease.

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As violence in South Sudan continues to escalate, those who flee need protection, shelter, medical care and other lifesaving assistance.

Thanks to supporters, UNHCR is on the ground coordinating a massive refugee response throughout the region and leading efforts to provide shelter and care for those displaced by the renewed conflict.

UNHCR is facing a severe shortage in the funds needed to keep millions of refugees and displaced people fleeing violence safe and protected. Your gift will help close the gap, and give vulnerable children, women and men hope for a safe future. Please be generous.

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