Venezuela Crisis

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4 million Venezuelans

Have left the country since 2014. Their exodus is one of South America’s largest mass population movements in history.

2000% increase

Nearly 400,000 Venezuelans have registered as asylum-seekers, including more than 230,000 in 2018 alone.

60% of the population

Remain in vulnerable situations and are not able to apply for asylum because of bureaucratic obstacles, high application fees or lack of documentation.


People leave Venezuela for different reasons: gang warfare and civil violence, food insecurity, inadequate health systems and loss of income. More than 4 million Venezuelan nationals have left the country since 2014. 

Nearly 400,000 have filed asylum claims, while over half a million people are displaced in the region. Host countries have become increasingly strained. 

Those who have left are vulnerable to protection risks, such as labor and sexual exploitationIn countries where armed groups and gangs actively recruit, there is an increased risk that Venezuelans without other socio-economic options may be tempted or forced to join.

Voices of the Crisis


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Stories from the Venezuelan Crisis

Venezuela Crisis Explained

Response stepped up in Brazil as Venezuelan arrivals grow

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Venezuelan Camps and Settlements

Two Venezuelan children are among hundreds living in settlements in northern Brazil.

  • Venezuelans are most commonly seeking asylum in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and the United States.
  • Between January 2014 and August 2018, nearly 400,000 Venezuelans have registered as asylum-seekers.
  • Peru hosts the largest number of Venezuela asylum-seekers. 
  • In August 2018, more than 4,000 people per day crossed the border into Ecuador.
  • The majority entering Ecuador continue onwards to Peru and Chile, but up to 20 percent remain in the country.
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